The Dayton Cemetery

The Dayton Cemetery

The first known burial in the Dayton cemetery was made in 1835, when Elizabeth Lair Dunavan Letts died. Her three Dunavan sons married three daughters of John Green. The cemetery was used as the village cemetery, but by the 1950s was little used and not maintained. In 1956, a new organization was formed to maintain the cemetery. There had been two previous associations, but each had lapsed. Most of the present members of the Dayton Cemetery Association are members of the Green family, although anyone with a relative buried in the cemetery is eligible to join. Burials are now only allowed if the person is related to someone already buried there.

There are a number of military veterans buried in the cemetery. Eight are from the Civil War, two from World War I and three from World War II. Another two veterans, William Albert Ward (WWI) and Kenneth Lawrence Green (WWII) have monuments in the cemetery, although they are buried elsewhere.

cemetery in winter

The following alphabetical list is of all the known burials in the cemetery. See here for a chronological list and here for a map of the cemetery. Almost certainly there were more early burials which went unrecorded, especially of children. See here for a list of people who have in various readings been recorded in the Dayton cemetery, but who are probably not buried there.

Many early deaths were before death certificates were used, so in some cases, the date of death comes from a probate file. Since, in most places, death certificates are closed until 50 years has elapsed, I will post no death certificates more recent than 1965.

Ackerman, Fannie (Hippard) Connors  (Mrs. Nicholas)
Alter, Marjorie (Masters)  (Mrs. Norman)
Anderson, Anna (Stadden) (Mrs. William F.)
Anderson, William F.
Baker, Jacoba  (Mrs. John)
Baker, John
Ballou, Charles W.
Ballou, Emily (Henderson)  (Mrs. Charles)
Bennett, George
Bennett, Zena Ellen (Walden)  (Mrs. George)
Berner, Richard J.
Bibbs, Margaret (Flood)  (Mrs. Robert)
Bibbs, Robert L.
Bogert, Leendert
Brandon, William E.
Breese, Elizabeth (Lewis)  (Mrs. John H.)
Breese, Ellis E.
Breese, Emmor E.
Breese, John Heath
Breese, Nellie Virginia
Brown, Andrew J.
Brown, Charles C.
Brown, Edna G.
Brown, Emily (Dunavan)  (Mrs. Andrew J.)
Brown, Emily (Berens)  (Mrs. Walter)
Brown, Minnie L.
Brown, Walter
Brunk, Ida Bell
Burch, Mary L. (Rust)  (Mrs. Charles W.)
Carter, Lillie M. (Hoag)  (Mrs. Walter)
Champaign, Albert John
Channel, John W.
Channel, Josephine (Makinson)  (Mrs. John W.)
Charlier, Albert
Clifford, Charles W.
Clifford, Grace M. (Green)  (Mrs. Charles)
Collins, infant
Cullen, Jennie
Davis, John G.
Davis, Laura Barlow (Shepard)  (Mrs. Ira W.)
Davis, Ray A.
Dunavan, Arthur
Dunavan, Celestia
Dunavan, Eva R.
Dunavan, George Byron
Dunavan, George M.
Dunavan, Harry
Dunavan, Jesse C.
Dunavan, Katherine (Green)  (Mrs. George M.)
Dunavan, Rachel
Edwards, Margaret
Eichenberger, R. William
Eichenberger, Ruth (Green)  (Mrs. R. W.)
Fay, infant son
Ford, Elvira G. (Mrs. Calvin)
Freeman, Eliza A.
Garrow, son (stillbirth)
Gibson, Josephine (Green)  (Mrs. John)
Gibson, Rachael (Green)  (Mrs. George W.)
Green, Alfred E.
Green, Alvin Jesse
Green, Barbara (Grove)  (Mrs. John)
Green, Basil
Green, Carrie B.
Green, David
Green, Grace E.
Green, Isaac
Green, Isabella (Trumbo)  (Mrs. Jesse)
Green, Jesse
Green, John
Green, John Byron
Green, John W.
Green, Joseph
Green, Lyle A.
Green, Mabel
Green, Margaret V. (Wilkin)  (Mrs. Basil)
Green, Mary [Minnie]
Green, Mary (Stadden)  (Mrs. David)
Green, Mary Jane (Trumbo)  (Mrs. Isaac)
Green, Maud V.
Green, Ralph A.
Green, Rev. Jesse C.
Green, Rollin T.
Green, Ruth M. (Haight)  (Mrs. Ralph)
Green, Sarah
Green, Sarah E. (Olmstead)  (Mrs. Alfred E.)
Green, William D.
Green, Winfield Rush
Harless, Herman Henry
Harms, Gerret J.
Hippard, Fanny (Edwards)  (Mrs. Stephen)
Hippard, Grace (Grieder)  (Mrs. Charles F.)
Hippard, Harriet Amelia (Donavan)  (Mrs. Samuel)
Hippard, infant
Hippard, Jacob Henry
Hippard, John S.
Hippard, Margaret (Stover)  (Mrs. Thomas)
Hippard, Mary (d. 1890)
Hippard, Mary (d. 1913)
Hippard, Stephen W.
Hippard, William
Hite, Alcinda
Hite, Benjamin
Hite, David
Hite, Elizabeth (Stickley)  (Mrs. David)
Hite, Emma (Dunavan)  (Mrs. Benjamin)
Hite, infant son
Hite, James M.
Hite, John William
Hite, Martha M. (Jones)  (Mrs. James M.)
Hoag, Charles H.
Hoag, Cyrus W.
Hoag, Frank L.
Hoag, Helen M. (Robinson)  (Mrs. Charles H.)
Hoag, Mary A. (Wells)  (Mrs. Charles H.)
Hoag, William Walter
Hollenbeck, Maria (Stadden)
Holmes, Barbara (Bibbs)  (Mrs. Peter)
Holmes, David R.
Holmes, Ethel (Brown)  (Mrs. David)
Hoxie, Lowell W.
Hoxie, Nora B. (Breese)  (Mrs. Lowell)
Hudson, Frank E.
Hudson, infant daughter
Jacobs, Grace Irene
Jaka, Eliza Ann (Shaw) (Klingston)  (Mrs. John)
Jaka, John
Johnson, Aaron
Kibler, Willie
Lane, Mr.
Lattimore, Marian H. (Wright)  (Mrs. Robert)
Letts, Elizabeth (Lair) (Dunavan)  (Mrs. David)
Lewis, David
Lewis, Eliza Ann (Holman)  (Mrs. William H.)
Lewis, Theopholus
Lewis, William H.
Lohr, Clarence
Lohr, James
Lohr, James W.
Lohr, Sarah J. (Wood)  (Mrs. James)
Luce, Edgar H.
Luce, Edith M. (Warner)  (Mrs. Edgar)
Luce, Oma (Lipe)  (Mrs. William)
Luce, William
Makinson, Charlotte B. (Evans)  (Mrs. George W.)
Makinson, Edgar A.
Makinson, George
Makinson, George W.
Makinson, Leroy
Makinson, Sarah (Crowther)  (Mrs. George)
Makinson, Sidney
Masters, A. Pliny
Masters, Barbara (Green)  (Mrs. Pliny)
Masters, Dorothy V.
Masters, Lana A. (Rhoads)  (Mrs. Miles)
Masters, Miles
McBrearty, James
McBrearty, Rebecca (Headlee)  (Mrs. James)
McHale, Clarine (Wilson)
McKibben, David
Michelson, Anna (Sorenson)  (Mrs. Christ)
Miller, Anna (Dunavan)  (Mrs. William)
Miller, Howard
Morel, Emma
Morel, Louis P.
Muddamin, Ann
Nagle, Hannah (Walden)  (Mrs. Thomas)
Pitzer, Margaret (Wagy)  (Mrs. Anthony)
Pottenger, Eugene L.
Pottenget, Helen (Brown)  (Mrs. Eugene)
Pottenger, Lawrence A.
Preston, Anna Maria (Moore)  (Mrs. John H.)
Preston, Edward
Rhoads, Frank Sherman
Riley, Ella (Green)  (Mrs. George)
Rust, William A.
Ryan, Anna
Ryan, Harry
Shoup, Margaret
Smith, William B.
Spencer, John W.
Spencer, Mary Jane
Stadden, Aaron
Stadden, Amanda
Stadden, Edward
Stadden, John
Stadden, Judah (Daniels)  (Mrs. William)
Stadden, William (d. 1848)
Stadden, William (d. 1883)
Stickley, Christian
Stickley, Linda
Stover, George W.
Tanner, Alvin
Tanner, Ida (Warner)  (Mrs. Alvin)
Tanner, Warner Harry
Tepfer, Anna Ida  (Mrs. Andrew J.
Tepfer, John Andrew
Tepfer, Arthur Andrew  [AKA Walter]
Timmons, Annie (Grace)  (Mrs. James)
Timmons, Bula
Timmons, Frank
Timmons, James
Timmons, James Henry
Timmons, James R.
Timmons, Ransler
Timmons, William
Timmons, Zelphia  (Mrs. James)
Tolman, Warren A.
Trumbo, Frankie Rae
Trumbo, Oliver W.
Trumbo, Rebecca (Green)  (Mrs. Oliver W.)
Ward, Alice V. (Furr)  (Mrs. Edward)
Ward, Edward Joseph
Warner, Joel F.
Warner, Mary Ann (Inman)  (Mrs. Joel F.)
Welke, Martin
Wilson, Adelia (Bennett)  (Mrs. Vernon)
Wilson, Elmon Ogden
Wilson, Vernon Asa
Wolfe, George

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  1. Hi,
    I was trying to figure out how to email you. I wanted to say how much I appreciate this website. I just found it. Im related to William Gardner. He lived in Dayton with his family in the 1850s to 1880s. He may have been there earlier then that. But I cant prove that just yet. He ended up moving to Iroquois County. Do you have any photos or stories from the 1850s to the 1870s. I think that would be really nice to hear your stories. Thanks so much for making this website.


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