Charlotte B. (Evans) Makinson

Charlotte B. (Evans) Makinson
born in 1828, in Vermont
died August 14, 1889, in Dayton, Illinois


Mr. Editor: Death has again visited our community. This time he took the wife of Mr. Geo. W. Makinson, our worthy postmaster. Mrs. Makinson was a good woman. She was quiet, social and tenderly affectionate in her nature and character. She had passed the threescore mark by a year and a half. Was born in Vermont, but nearly her entire life was passed in our village, and those who knew her longest and best loved her most. She knew that her end was near, and was willing to go because of her faith in her Redeemer. She left behind three sons and three daughters. They are men and women grown. Also the husband with whom, hand in hand and heart to heart, she fought the battle of life. All are lonesome because the chair of wife and mother is empty. Bereaved hearts yearn “For the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still.” We would fain offer consolation, but, how futile is human effort. “Be still and know that I am God.” “Come, see the place where the Lord lay; He is not here; He is risen.” So is our loved one with God. That which we placed in the ground was simply the tenement she inhabited.      G.
Dayton, Ill, Aug. 14, 18891


Additional information on Charlotte Makinson may be found here.

Charlotte Makinson tombstone

1. The Ottawa [Illinois] Republican, August 23, 1889

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