Carrie B. Green

Carrie B. Green
born March 25, 1868 [calculated from age at death], in Dayton, Illinois
died Oct 5, 1883, in Dayton, Illinois


Carrie Green, Dayton, Ill.

God needed thee, dear daughter,
And sent here in disguise
One of his guardian angels
To bear the [sic] to the skies.

Thy life was full of promise,
Thy heart was always bright,
But God he came and took thee,
And made thee a shining light.

God loved thee, dear sister,
With more than earthly love;
And altho’ our hearts are bleeding,
We see thee in Heaven above,

With angels all around thee –
The loved ones gone before,
Who were there to greet thee
As you stepped on the golden shore.

God took thee home, friend Carrie,
For thy life on earth was o’er.
Thou art clad in robes of whiteness,
Thou art with Jesus evermore.

Over the heart of the mourner
Shineth the golden day,
Wafting the songs of the angels
Down from the far away.

RUTLAND, ILL.                                                       Eva Freeland1


Minnie and Carrie Green, tombstone

Additional information about Carrie Green’s family may be found here.

1. Ottawa [Illinois] Free Trader, October 13, 1883


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