Anna (Sorenson) Michelson

Anna (Sorenson) Michelson
born about 1853, in Germany
died January 25, 1909, in Dayton township, La Salle county, Illinois


Mrs. Christ Michelson Stricken at Her Home This Morning
Well Known Woman, of Near Wedron, Died Suddenly at 10 O’Clock A. M. on Monday – Inquest Was Held That Afternoon

Mrs. Christ Michelson, aged 52 years, living north of Wedron, dropped dead of heart disease at 10 o’clock Monday morning.

Mrs. Michelson had been in good health, apparently, and that morning became greatly rejoiced at the visit of her daughter, Mrs. Levi Bigford. For some time Mrs. Michelson romped with Mrs. Bigford’s daughter and seemed happier and in better health than she had been in years.

Suddenly she felt her strength giving away. She grasped a door-knob for support, and a moment later sank to the floor and died.

She had often before been attacked in a similar manner, but was not believed to be in a serious condition.

Mrs. Bigford and her daughter live only a short distance from the Michelson home, and ran over that morning just for a morning call. Mrs. Bigford was on the second floor when her mother was stricken, and only the young woman was in the room at the time of her death.

A short time late [sic] Coroner Donoghue was notified and held the inquest that afternoon. Mrs. Michelson is survived by her husband and seven children.1


Mrs. Christ Michelson died suddenly of heart trouble on Monday, January 25, at her home north of Wedron. She had been in apparent good health in the early morning and was greatly rejoiced at the visit of her daughter, Mrs. Levi Bigford. She had been playing with her granddaughter for some time and appeared in the best of spirits. Suddenly she became faint, her strength giving way and she grasped a door knob for support, then sank to the floor and a moment later was dead. Mrs. Bigford lived only a short distance from her mother and had gone to the Michelson home for a morning call. She was upstairs when her mother was stricken and only the granddaughter was in the room at the time of her death. An inquest was held in the afternoon. Mrs. Michelson was 52 years old.2

Mrs. Christopher Michelson

Wedron, the little village eight miles north of Ottawa, was the scene of a sudden death Monday when Mrs. Christopher Michelson, wife of a well known farmer residing near that place, expired after as attack of heart trouble, the end coming only a few seconds after the lady was seized.

The deceased lady had been working about the house in apparent good health. About 10 o’clock she was taken with a pain in her chest that developed into heart trouble. A short time after she expired. She was aged about fifty-two years.

The Michelson family reside on a farm a short distance north of Wedron. Both Mr. Michelson and his wife were well known in this city. Coroner Donoghue was called to Wedron Monday afternoon to hold an inquest.3

Michelson, Anna - death certificate

1. The Ottawa [Illinois] Republican-Times, January 28, 1909
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