Not buried in Dayton Cemetery

There are seven known transcriptions of the Dayton cemetery, taken from 1959 through 2005. In addition to reading the stones in the cemetery, several of the transcriptions also included entries copied from the Gladfelter funeral home in Ottawa. The following people appeared on at least one of the transcriptions of the Dayton cemetery, but their presence in the Dayton cemetery is unlikely.

Baker, Daniel              This funeral home entry is listed as being buried in Dayton. He certainly died in Dayton, but the Gladfelter record appears to be in error, as he has a tombstone in the Ottawa Avenue cemetery which matches the death date in the Gladfelter record, and is next to his wife, who is identified as Laura A. Baker in Daniel Baker’s probate file.

Ballou, Joseph             This funeral home entry is listed on the DAR transcription with a death date of November 28, 1919. That is the death date of Charles Ballou, who is buried in the cemetery. Joseph Ballou is also listed as the person who, along with Freedom Lodge, was responsible for the burial. Either the original record is incorrect, or it was improperly transcribed from the Gladfelter funeral home records.

Breese, son                  The DAR reading misread “dau” on the stone as son. This is Ne[llie] V[irginia], daughter of J. H. & E. Breese, as shown on the stone.

Clark, Lois                 She is buried in the Brower Cemetery in Dayton township, not in the Dayton Cemetery.

Engel, Harryfae      This funeral home entry is listed on the DAR transcription, but her death certificate says she is buried in the Ottawa Avenue cemetery, Ottawa, Illinois.

Hall, David M.            This funeral home entry is listed on the DAR transcription with a death date of March 6, 1911. A David M. Hall died in La Salle county on March 6, 1915 and no David M. Hall is found with a death date of 1911. The 1915 death occurred in Dayton Twp., but the burial was in Ottawa, according to both the death record and the funeral home record.

Hep, Mrs. Amelia        This funeral home entry is listed on the DAR transcription. The actual entry is for Mrs. Amelia Hess, the transcriber having been confused by the long double S. The funeral home entry says buried in Dayton, June 24, 1885. She is probably the Mrs. Louis Hess whose death on June 22, 1885 was reported in the Ottawa Free Trader on June 27, 1885; she was buried in Ottawa, although the burial date reported, June 25, is one day off from the funeral home date of June 24.

Jacobs, Henry H.         On all the transcriptions where Henry Jacobs appears, no dates are given and no stone is ever found. There are several Henry Jacobses in La Salle county. The one who lived in Dayton died June 7, 1948 and both his death certificate and his obituary say he was buried in the Ottawa Avenue cemetery. However, there does appear to have been, at some time, a JACOBS stone in the Dayton cemetery although no names were ever transcribed as being on it, so it was probably the stone for Grace Irene Jacobs, his 2 year old daughter, who is buried there.

McKibben, Harry        This entry is actually for David McKibben, the infant son of Harry McKibben who was born prematurely and died after one day.

Peterson                      This entry on the DAR transcription comes from a Gladfelter entry which says Peterson, reported by R. N. Newton, died at Yorkville, 28 Mar 1907, buried Dayton 30 Mar 1907. No one named Peterson is recorded in the county clerk’s office or in the local newspaper as having died in Yorkville near that date. However, George W. Makinson died in Yorkville on March 28 and was buried in Dayton on March 30, as recorded on his death certificate. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Pederson. It appears this is either a reporting or a recording error at the funeral home and the record indeed is for George W. Makinson.

Pitzer, William             This entry in the Gladfelter funeral home records originally said buried in Dayton, but Dayton is crossed out and Rutland written over it. William Pitzer is buried in the Brumbach cemetery in Rutland township.

Ruger, Gideon            This funeral home entry is listed on the DAR transcription. His obituary says he was buried in the Ottawa Avenue cemetery. His death certificate also says he was buried in the Ottawa Avenue cemetery.

Springstead, Constantina Sobieski     This entry appears only on the La Salle County Genealogy Guild’s transcription of 2005. This was apparently an attempt to identify the unknown listed on the DAR transcription who died August 1, 1877. This entry in the DAR transcription came from the funeral home records, but in consulting the copy of the funeral home records at the La Salle County Genealogy Guild, the entry for August 1, 1877 does not indicate burial in Dayton. It is the August 20, 1877 unknown who was buried in Dayton. Since Constantine (not Constantina) Springstead died before January 12th, when his obituary appeared in the Ottawa Free Trader, this entry does not represent him. Springstead lived near Wedron, in the north part of Dayton township and there are Springsteads buried in the Bend / West Serena cemetery, so it is possible that he was buried there, although he does not appear in the transcription of that cemetery.

Stutton, Mr.                  This entry, recorded by the DAR and LSCGG, is a misreading of Stadden, due to poor handwriting.

Tanner, Mammie         This is a misreading of Marie Tanner, whose name appears on a blurred copy of the DAR transcription. None of the other other transcriptions list Marie Tanner. The Tanner family of Dayton did not have a member named Marie, so this is probably an error.

Wilson – no stone        This appears only on the August 1959 transcription with a hand written addition saying ‘sister in Dayton – McHale’. Clarine Wilson McHale died in 1935, but as late as the 1972 transcription she did not have a stone, although there is one now.

The following people, none of whom appear in any of the readings of the cemetery, have death records which indicate burial in Dayton, but for the reasons below, they are unlikely to be in the Dayton cemetery:

Belrose, William          Although the death certificate says he is buried in the Dayton cemetery, his obituary says that he was buried in the Belrose cemetery, which is in Dayton township. He is listed in the transcription of the Belrose Cemetery at the La Salle County Genealogy Guild.

Ludeen, Andrew J.     The death certificate says burial was in ‘Dayton Tp. Cemetery’. His obituary says that interment was in the Hess cemetery in Dayton township.

One thought on “Not buried in Dayton Cemetery

  1. I had previously looked at all the cemetery entries and noticed John and Jacoba Baker who are not relatives. However, I just noticed the list of persons NOT in the cemetery last night and found a couple of relatives.

    Daniel Baker and his wife Laura A. are my great great grandparents. Most of our black holes are on my father’s side of the family and Laura is one of them. We have her down as Laura Card but she may have been a Brown. Most of the death certificate information for her other children says ‘Brown’. However, we have Card which is also found in the 1900 Lewis Publishing Company biography of Hiram Baker, my great grandfather. I’m still looking… My cheapie Ancestry membership is only in the US so I don’t get anything for persons supposedly born in Canada. Guess I’lll have to go to the library.

    I believe Gideon Ruger is the brother of my great grandmother Baker whose maiden name was Joannah Ruger. She must not have liked the ‘Joannah’ as I usually see her referred to as Anna or Annie Mae. I thought she came from a large family where all the children had names starting with ‘J’ but that seems not to be true. Gideon, the exception, would have been named after their father and is the third Gideon. The first Gideon was in the Revolutionary War. This Gideon’s wife was Susan Baker, the daughter of Daniel and Laura Baker and the sister of my great grandfather, Hiram. Hiram and Gideon apparently married each other’s sister.


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