David Green


David Green
born October 8, 1819, in Licking county, Ohio
died September 2, 1880, in Dayton, Illinois


David Green, one of the earliest settlers of La Salle county, and widely known by nearly all its people as a leading citizen and prominent business man, died at his home in Dayton, after a lingering illness, on Thursday of last week.

He was the son of John Green, the original proprietor of Dayton, and had come with his parents to Illinois is 1829. Originally the property of John Green, the valuable mills and water power at Dayton afterwards descended to his sons, David being the eldest, and for many years the “Green boys” did a heavy business in the manufacture of flour as well as woolen goods at the Dayton woolen factory and flouring mills which they had erected.

Of late years, however, owing to many causes, the business had declined, though the property remains in the hands of the Greens, and both the flouring and woolen mill are still in operation, though now, we believe, mainly the property of Mr. Jesse Green, David’s brother.

Mr. Green must have been about sixty years of age. He had in his day managed many heavy business enterprises and seen the usual ups and downs of his class; yet whatever may have been his successes or reverses, his character for probity and rectitude passed through all unchallenged, and his business record and name descend to his children without spot or blemish.1

Green, David

David and Mary Green tombstone

Additional information about David Green may be found here.

1. Ottawa, Illinois, The Free Trader, September 11, 1880

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