William A. Rust

William A. Rust
born October 3, 1855 [calculated from age at death]
died March 21, 1881, in Ottawa, Illinois


We are pained to record the death of one of our citizens, Mr. William Rust, who died Monday, March 21, of spinal meningitis. Mr. Rust had enjoyed good health all winter and was taken ill very suddenly about five days before his death. From that time on he failed quite rapidly until Monday morning when he drew his last breath. He leaves a sorrowing widow and one child nine months old to mourn his loss. Mr. Rust was a hard working man, twenty-five years of age, who came to our town a year ago, and in that time had gained the respect and friendship of our citizens for his many excellent qualities. He was one of a large family, all of whom, except a married sister living in Dayton, reside in Texas. He had no insurance and belonged to no society, and as he lived by his daily labor, his family were left in embarrassed circumstances. They have been generously relieved, however, by our citizens, who are always ready to lend a helping hand. His funeral on Tuesday was largely attended, the Rev. G. Barnes of Ottawa making a few excellent and appropriate remarks.1

photo of Rust, William - tombstone

1. [Ottawa, Illinois] Free Trader, April 2, 1881

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