Edgar A. Makinson

Edgar A. Makinson
born February 23, 1866, in Dayton, Illinois
died May 26, 1880, in Dayton, Illinois


The village of Dayton is infected with that dread disease diptheria. A number of young people and children are down with it; and on Wednesday Miss Allie Green, a 12-year old daughter [sic] of Jesse Green, Esq., died from the disease. On Thursday Eddie Makinson also died. Miss Cora Green is now lying sick with the same disease and scarcely expected to live. Dr. Hard pronounces these the most malignant cases he has ever seen. There are several other cases, but none are of a very serious nature.1

Edward [sic], son of George and Charlotte Makinson, May 20th, [sic] 1880, of diptheria.
He has folded his hands quietly and rests, after days and nights of suffering. Friends look beyond the cold, dark grave, early blest. God gave and he has taken. Above the darkness a great light is shining; from the parted clouds behold thy boy. From the Saviour’s words take comfort – “Not lost, but gone before;” only waiting till the harvest-reapers shall gather the ripe hours of thy heart and bid thee come to Him. There behold thy boy.

Waiting till the reapers
Have the last sheaf gathered home,
For the summer time has faded
And the autimn winds have come; –
Only waiting till the angels
Open wide the mystic gate,
At whose feet I long have lingered,
Weary, poor and desolate.

Makinson, Edgar - death certificate

photo of Makinson, Edgar - tombstone

Additional information on Edgar Makinson may be found here.

1. The Ottawa [Illinois] Free Trader, May 29, 1880
2. Free Trader, June 5, 1880

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