Herman Henry Harless

Herman Henry Harless
born about 1853, in Germany
died September 18, 1904, in Chicago, Illinois


H. H. Harless Lifeless In Superior Street Factory, But Police Believe Fall And Heart Failure Are The Cause

Henry H. Harless, 195 Washington boulevard, night watchman at the paper box factory of H. Schultz & Co., 16 Superior street, was found dead yesterday morning in the basement of that building. His head was severely cut.

“It was not an accidental death,” declared Capt. Jacob Schaack, 202 North Franklin street, who employs the watchmen for the firm. “I shall demand a more thorough investigation.”

It is the theory of the police that after Harless “pulled” the clock on the sixth floor at 11:35 o’clock he walked down to the fourth floor, and there accidentally fell, his head striking the edge of his badge, which they say they found on the floor. From there they believe he crawled to the basement, where he died.

“The doors and windows were securely locked,” say the police, “and the man’s watch and revolver and empty pocketbook were found in his pockets. The badge fitted the wound. Heart failure must have caused the fall which hastened his death.”

“Harless was murdered by someone who wanted his place,” said Arthur Eberhardt, 470 North Park avenue, the day watchman who discovered the body. “His money was gone, and two windows in the factory were open. His revolver was in the office.”

“Ten minutes after the police had taken the body away a man came to the factory and applied for Harless’ position. How could this man have heard the news so quickly? We told him to go to Capt. Schaack, but he walked the other way. He was a dark, heavy man, with a black mustache and a pale face. He was dressed in dark clothes and a black slouch hat.”

The body was taken to Carroll’s undertaking rooms, 203 Wells street. Harless was 50 years old and left a widow and child, who live in Onarga, Ill., with the wife’s father, John A. Edmonson.1

official death record

Harless, Herman H., 51, 193 [103?] Washington-blvd., Sept. 18.2

Harless, Herman H - death certificate

1. Chicago Daily Tribune, September 19, 1904
2. Chicago Daily Tribune, September 22, 1904

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