Elizabeth (Lair) (Dunavan) Letts

Elizabeth (Lair) (Dunavan) Letts
born September 3, 1785, in Rockingham county, Virginia
died September 3, 1835

This fall on the third day of September our mother died after a short spell of sickness with the bilious fever. We were left a lonely set of children, who had lost a kind and loving mother and we felt the loss, for our mother was beloved by her children and all who knew her. She was a woman in the prime of life and had always been a very healthy, robust woman until this last spell of sickness. On the day she died she was just fifty years old. She was buried in a new graveyard on the bank of Fox River about three-fourths of a mile north of Dayton, opposite the mill dam, and I think was the first person that was buried there, and since it has been the burying ground of the town of Dayton and quite a distance around. The graveyard is kept up very nicely but I have not had the satisfaction of visiting my mother’s grave for a number of years. But she is not lost to my memory or ever will be while I am alive. Her grave is marked by a plain white marble slab five feet high and about twenty inches wide and bears this inscription:

In Memory
Elizabeth Letts
Wife of
David Letts
Born Sep. 3 1785
Rockingham Co Va
Sep. 3 18351

Elizabeth Lair Dunavan Letts, tombstone


1. Paul M. Angle, editor, PIONEERS / Narratives of Noah Harris Letts and Thomas Allen Banning (Chicago, Ilinois: R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, 1972), 59-60.


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