William Stadden

William Stadden
born December 31, 1801 [calculated from date at death], in Licking county, Ohio
died November 13, 1848, in Dayton township, La Salle county, Illinois


Death of the Hon. Wm. Stadden

We announce with pain the death, on Monday morning last at 8 o’clock, of our esteemed fellow citizen, the Hon. Wm. Stadden, at his residence near Dayton. Mr. S. had been in the enjoyment of his usual health as late as Sunday evening. During the night, we believe, or on Monday morning, he was taken with a chill, under which he rapidly sunk, and died after a few hours illness.

Mr. S. had been a resident of this county ever since it was organized — some 16 or 18 years — was known and beloved by all our citizens – and had scarcely an enemy in the world. For a number of years he represented this county in the state senate, where he was ever a most efficient and influential member. He was also a delegate to our state convention that framed the new constitution, in which he acquitted himself with honor as well as to the approbation of his constituents. He was a most valued citizen – a good and honest man – kindhearted, and generous almost to a fault; and his sudden departure from our midst, while it is hard to realize, and most deeply deplored, admonishes us, in startling terms, of the uncertainty of life, and the importance of being always ready to meet the grim messenger, who we know neither the day nor the hour in which he cometh.1

William Stadden  (d 1848) tombstone


1. The Ottawa [Illinois] Free Trader, November 17, 1848

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