Warren A. Tolman

Warren A. Tolman
born about 1832/3, in Massachusetts
died April 10, 1871, in La Salle county, Illinois


Death. – A few weeks ago a man named Warren A. Tollman came to Dayton and went to work in the woolen mills there, as foreman of the carding department. In a few days afterwards he was taken with inflammatory rheumatism. Being out of money, and showing himself to be an Odd Fellow in good standing, he applied to the Odd Fellows of Ottawa for relief, which they  promptly furnished, sending him a good physician and attending to his other wants. He sent for his wife and children, who were at Richmond, Indiana, his former home, and they arrived in due time. She, being a believer in the homoeopathic system of medicine, changed his treatment from the allopathic to that, and the man rapidly sank and died on Sunday last. Whether it was the former or the latter plan of treatment that resulted in his death, or that it was fore-ordained to be so, we will not presume to decide. Let the doctors, who generally disagree, determine that to suit themselves.
Mr. Tollman was buried by the Odd Fellows on Monday, with the beautiful rites peculiar to that order, Rev. Mr. Clendening, of the Methodist Church, preaching a funeral sermon. The sermon, to our thinking, was open to the objections of too great length and too much of the severely pathetic and gloomy.

About forty members of the three lodges of Odd Fellows here attended the funeral. They made up a purse of $25 for the poor widow before leaving.

Some of the crowd (a half dozen) walked home after the sermon, having been first treated to a first-class rain storm before starting. The remainder waited for the 8:50 train, which, owing to an accident, was delayed until a late hour next morning.1

photo of Tolman, Warren A - tombstone

1.  Ottawa [Illinois] Free Trader, April 15, 1871

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