Mary (Wells) Hoag

Mary (Wells) Hoag
born November 30, 1841, in New York
died October 26, 1891, in Serena, Illinois


Died at Serena, Ill., Oct 26, 1891

You are sad and lonely tonight,
Through your tears you cannot see;
Another less in number now,
For your mother has gone from thee.

Her loving voice no more you’ll hear,
Her kindly look and loving face.
So dear and precious to your hearts,
You miss from its cherished place.

And to night your home is so lonely,
And your hearts with grief are rent,
As sitting so sadly you recall
Her words before she went.

Your loved and cherished mother’s
Life’s journey is safely o’er
For she has gone to everlasting rest
In the land of the blest to suffer no more.

Ye bitterly questioned why
Did darling mother die?
God called her at an earlier date
To her Father, to meet at Heaven’s gate.

Strive not to check the tear drops
Which fall like summer rain;
The sun of hope shines through them –
You all shall meet again.1

Hoag, Mary

Further information on Mary Hoag can be found here.

1. Ottawa [Illinois] Free Trader, December 5, 1891

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