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I grew up in Dayton, the fifth generation of my family to live there. My great-aunt, Maud Green, was very interested in the history of Dayton and I inherited all of her photographs and family papers and memorabilia. The Ottawa Free Trader newspaper, available online, is from the nearest town to Dayton and it has much information about Dayton events. I’ve spent hours reading and enjoying articles about the early days of Dayton.

Part of my study of Dayton is trying to identify all the people who lived there from the beginning, in 1829, to 1900. Since there were very few families in the area in the beginning, and since three Green sisters married three Dunavan brothers, nearly everyone in early Dayton was related. I’m trying to identify how all these people were connected.

I am also the historian of the Dayton Cemetery Association, so I’ll add the research I’ve done on the persons buried in the cemetery. Also, check the business section for all the 19th century industry and the picture gallery for old photographs of Dayton.

Check back often, as the site will grow. I hope to make weekly posts, which will vary between snippets of history, family memories, and genealogical discoveries.

Candace Wilmot

cwilmot [AT SIGN] illinois.edu

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