Cyrus W. Hoag

Cyrus W. Hoag
born March 7 or April 8, 1867 [dates calculated from ages given at death], in Illinois
died October 14, 1889, in Osburn, Kansas


Serena Happenings

Silas [sic] Hoag, aged 22 years 7 months and 7 days, died at Osburn, Kan., on Monday, Oct. 14, at 2 o’clock p. m. The body was brought to his parents who reside in Serena, where it arrived on Wednesday. The funeral was held at the house at 10 o’clock on Thursday, Rev. Hillster of Sheridan preaching the funeral sermon. The body was interred at the Dayton cemetery. He went away to learn a trade which he had just completed. He was a kind son and brother and a general favorite with all. Stricken down by death’s merciless hand in the very acme of his life, it is hard to understand the mysteries of Providence. And we trust that good will somehow be the final goal of sorrow. “God knoweth best and he will wipe away all tears.” All who knew him mourn his loss.1

Cyrus Hoag tombstone


Further information on Cyrus Hoag can be found here.

1. Ottawa [Illinois] Free Trader, October 26, 1889

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