Mabel Green

Mabel Green
born January 17, 1874 [calculated from age at death], in Dayton, Illinois
died June 5, 1880, in Dayton, Illinois



            June 5th, at Dayton, Ill., of diptheria, MABEL, youngest daughter of Jesse and H. R. Green; aged 6 years.

A light departed from the home – a shadow where its radience shone. Mabel – sadly we write the name – can it be we shall never again see her flowing hair, her dark eye, and hear her springing step as she comes to meet us. Dear Mabel, the flowers you saw on those sunny banks, the friends that came to meet you, will take you by the hand and guide you on the way till we too come. Mabel and Allie, separated one week and three days, will go with her that met Mabel in her dying moments. Sleep beloved ones; there is peace and rest in that eternal home. Bereaved ones, still your anguish; not far away you will meet Allie and Mabel, with all your loved ones, in the new home.1

Mabel Green death certificate





1. Ottawa [IL] Free Trader, June 12, 1880


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