The marriage of Jesse Green and Isabella Trumbo

Jesse Green & Isabella Trumbo marriage license            

On June 22, 1843, Jesse Green, son of John and Barbara (Grove) Green, married his cousin Isabella Trumbo, daughter of Matthias and Rebecca (Grove) Trumbo. They lived in Dayton in this house, which was built in 1853, on blocks 7 and 8 of the plat of Dayton.

Isabella died in childbirth on December 1, 1854, and the baby died shortly thereafter.

They had 5 children, two of whom lived to adulthood:

Rollin T., born January 31, 1847; died September 21, 1864 in Dayton.

John Byron, born in July 1847; died 6 May 1849, while his father was away in California digging for gold.

Clara Isabel, “Callie”, born December 21, 1849, also while her father was in California. She married Charles Benton Hess on April 12, 1869 in Dayton. They later moved to Ottawa, where she died on July 25, 1930.

Newton M., born May 7, 1852. He married Ella Pool on December 24, 1874. She was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann (Anderson) Pool. Newton Green died on February 29, 1920.

William D., born in November 1864; died January 14, 1855.

Jesse remarried about a year after Isabella’s death and had a second family with Hannah Rebecca Rhodes.

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