The Young Settlers’ Association – Part 2

Two men and wagon

We give a few additional names that have been sent to C. J. Skinner of persons 30 years of age born in La Salle county. He now has between forty and fifty, but there are many others. If a Young Settlers’ Association is to be formed it is desirable that the names be handed in at an early day. Send them on a postal card to that gentleman, together with the date and place of birth. Following is the supplemental list:

Geo. W. Shaver, farmer, born in Rutland Jan. 12, 1842.
A. F. Dunavan, manufacturer, Rutland, Oct. 29, 1832.
Cyrus Debolt, farmer, Rutland, October 28, 1839.
Elizabeth Dunavan, wife of Cyrus Debolt, Aug. 11, 1838.
Geo. W. Lamb, stock dealer, Rutland, April 23, 1850.
O. D. Walbridge, farmer, Rutland, June 15, 1841.
George W. Parr, farmer, Manlius, March 24, 1847.
Jesse Grove, farmer, Rutland, January 29, 1841.
Lucien Grove, farmer, Rutland, January 29, 1842.
Samuel Grove, farmer, Rutland, March 21, 1836.
William Trumbo, farmer, Fall River, June 16, 1848.
Stephen Kleiber, farmer, Rutland, Nov. 12, 1841.
Matt Debolt, farmer, Rutland, November 4, 1841.
George D. Shaver, farmer, Rutland, Jan. 12, 1839.
George Hayward, stock dealer, Ottawa, April 19, 1843.
James Armour, farmer, Ottawa, September 21, 1841.
Louisa Pembrook, wife of Thos. Bartlett, Rutland, Sept. 2, 1832.
James Shaughnessy, farmer, Deer Park, May 1, 1837.1

  1. Ottawa Free Trader, April 21, 1883, p. 8, col. 1

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