The Young Settlers’ Association

Family and wagonYoung Settlers’ Association

    Some time since a suggestion was made through the Free Trader that a Young Settlers’ Association be formed, consisting of those who were natives of La Salle county and now over thirty years of age; and all such were requested to send a statement to Charles J. Skinner, of this city, containing name and date and place of birth. Up to the present time the following have been received by that gentleman:

George Galloway, born April 12, 1828, in Fall River; farmer.
(Mr. Galloway was the first white male born in the county.)
E. F. Dimmick, May 24, 1849, at Vermillionville; farmer.
James Collins, June 6, 1838, Ottawa; laborer.
Gilbert P. Brown, March 28, 1851, Dayton; painter.
Charles L. Eaton, Dec. 6, 1845, Deer Park; farmer.
Robert J. Wallace, May 28, 1852, Utica; laborer.
William Haynes, June 1, 1839, La Salle; merchant.
George Howland, August 10, 1848, South Ottawa; farmer.
Albert Maierhofer, May 27, 1851, Ottawa; plow manufacturer.
William H. Daggett, Dec. 13, 1843, Ottawa; boatman.
Samuel Richolson, March 25, 1841, Holderman’s Grove; attorney.
Benjamin Lewis, Sept. 26, 1833, Serena; farmer.
John S. Clayton, June 17, 1837, Deer Park; stock raiser.
William R. Clayton, May 8, 1835, Deer Park; farmer.
Charles J. Skinner, Feb. 10, 1841, Dayton; clerk.
W. W. Calkins, May 29, 1842, Farm Ridge; lumber merchant, Chicago.
Mary Jane Painter, Nov. 24, 1847, Bruce; now wife of T. L. Green, and postmistress at Reddick,                   Kankakee county, Ill.
John G. Armstrong, July 7, 1836, near Morris, then a part of this county; editor.
R. E. Skinner, May 10, 1843, Serena; clerk.
William Richards, Dec. 25, 1852, Farm Ridge; farmer.

The above list is scarcely a commencement of that which might be obtained were all who come within the thirty years’ limit to affix their names. A society once organized could not be otherwise than successful, and their annual meetings would be an appropriate complement to that of the present Old Settlers’ Picnics. Or, if it be deemed best, finally, not to complete the organization, still the possession of the list would be an advantage to the Old Settlers’ Association, and a matter of history for the county. We would therefore suggest that all others who were born in La Salle county and are now over thirty years of age forward on a postal card to Mr. C. J. Skinner, Ottawa, the desired information.1

  1. Ottawa, Free Trader, March 10, 1883, p. 5, col. 3

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