The School Playground

Dayton school picnic

Shirley Walleck and Judy Jackson are sitting on the merry-go-round, which is unusually stationary. The more normal state of affairs was to have several children pushing it madly around, while others clung to the bars and screamed. This picture was taken around 1949, at a school picnic held in the schoolyard.

There was other playground equipment – swings, monkey bars, and that favorite of some of us – the giants. Also called a Maypole swing or an Octopus, you’ll never see one on a playground today, but we loved them. As seen in this picture, you ran around the pole holding on to the handles at the end of the chains until the centrifugal force swung you off your feet.

playground equipment

What do you remember about the playground equipment? Leave your stories in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The School Playground

  1. I love this picture of my Mom and my Aunt Judy. My sister, Laurie Jackson, told me about this site and I’m so glad she did. I grew up in Dayton until we moved in the summer of 1973. My sister’s, Laurie and Lezlie, attended the Dayton school until it closed and then we went to school in Ottawa. I remember how much fun we had growing up in Dayton. Sledding, riding our bikes, playing ball on the lot, camping in the woods, catching lightning bugs, watching fireworks at Da-De-Co gulf course,…


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