The Temperance Movement in Dayton in 1842

temperance pledge

Temperance Meeting at Dayton1


We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, being thoroughly convinced that the use of intoxicating liquors is pernicious to health and good morals, therefore pledge to each other, in the presence of God, and our country, our most sacred honor to abstain, in all time to come, from the use of all intoxicating liquors, except as a medicine; and that we will use our influence, on all proper occasions, to cause our friends to unite with us in this pledge.

Wm Stadden                                                  Lars Harrison
C G Miller                                                       Isaac Miller
W L Dunavan                                                 Morris Laupher
Joshua Fairchild                                             James Thompson
Z H Baxter                                                      Lars Larson
Jesse Green                                                    Isaac Hayes
Jacob Leavens                                                Stephen Donohoe
David Green                                                   Elizabeth Miller
Peley Frink                                                      L W Abbot
A T Marr                                                          Mrs Elvira Laupher
John Lewis                                                       Jefferson Weatherford
E G Janes                                                         Mrs Mary Weatherford
Z A Kelly                                                          Francis Weatherford
Z Preston                                                        Rachael Weatherford
Uriah Miller                                                    Rebecca Green
Joseph Green                                                  Elizabeth Jacobs
John A Quick                                                   Isaac Green
Jonathan Stadden                                          Mrs. Mary Ann Fairchild
Albert Dunavan                                              Mrs Eliza Dunavan
Hardin Weatherford                                      Emma Dunavan
H Fairchild                                                      Mrs E Baxter
J M Laurence                                                  Mrs Eliza Miller
John Miller                                                      Mrs Tobitha Bockorn
John Combs                                                    Chilson McKurley

1. The Illinois Free Trader, February 25, 1842, p. 2, col. 6

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