Maria Stadden Hollenbeck

Maria was the fifth child and third daughter of William Stadden and Judah Daniels. There is some uncertainty as to the year of her birth. Her tombstone says that she died November 2, 1874, at age 32 years, 7 months and 10 days, which implies a calculated birth date of March 23, 1842. 

From the censuses, we get the following implied birth years:
1850 census: born about 1839
1860 census: born about 1841
1870 census: born about 1845
(She appears to have aged more slowly the older she got.)

However, when her father died in 1848 his younger children had to have a guardian appointed for them as they inherited from their father. In the guardianship file the ages of all the children are given. “Mariah Stadden age 10 on 22nd March 1849”, therefore she was born March 22, 1839.

She lived with her widowed mother until, at age 32, she married Chauncey Hollenbeck, November 6, 1871.

Chauncey was born in New York in December of 1840 and grew up on a farm in Will county, near Naperville, Illinois. In August 1861 he enlisted in Company I of the 15th Illinois Cavalry in Aurora, Illinois. He was mustered out in August 1864, Company A, 36th Illinois Infantry. He probably returned to the northern Illinois area, although he has not been located in the 1870 census. However, he was certainly in the area in November 1871, when he and Maria were married

Unfortunately their married life was cut short when Maria died on November 2, 1874 at age 35. She is buried in the Dayton cemetery, near her parents and other members of the Stadden family.

Chauncey moved west to a farm in Franklin County, Nebraska. He married again, September 4, 1878, to Katie Perrine.  They had four children. By 1920 they had moved from the farm into town in Franklin, Nebraska, where Chauncey died April 12, 1925.


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