News from Dayton – May 1879

Dayton, May 15, 1879. – The rain of yesterday was a blessing to the land. The earth had become very dry, vegetation was beginning to wither, and all nature called for rain. The river is as low as it usually is in July and August, scarcely any water running over the dam. Nearly all the game fish that were up have been caught or seined out, so that fishing as a success is over with this season unless perhaps we have a good heavy rain.

A three year old colt was stolen last Monday night from Mrs. Furr, a widow lady living a mile west of Dayton. A reward of forty dollars is offered for the return of the horse and the capture of the thief.

We are glad to see D. L. Grove up and around again.

Mr. James Green has gone into the bee business quite extensively this summer. He has over fifty swarms.

Mr. L. Jackson and friend of Millington were down fishing last week.

A new organ was purchased last week for the school house.

Last Sunday a number of parties amused themselves at the river by fishing – a little, drinking beer – a good deal, and having a big time generally. Then more beer. Good people of Dayton, here is a chance for home missionary work.

A good joke is going the rounds this week. A certain married man in town, whose wife wished to go to Ottawa to procure some household necessities, gave her what he supposed was a check for fifty dollars. Having arrived in Ottawa, she thought she would take a look at the paper and see what bank to go to. Taking it from her pocket, she found her husband, by mistake, of course, had given her a meat bill! Rumor says she borrowed fifteen cents to pay her car fare home, and then gave her man a ——- talking to.

On account of the sickness of Mrs. Gibb, Rev. S. F. Gibb filled the appointment at this place last Sunday evening.


  1. The Ottawa (Illinois) Free Trader, May 17, 1879, p. 8, col. 1

2 thoughts on “News from Dayton – May 1879

  1. Candace, Would this new organ have been destroyed in the Dayton School fire? Or might it have been moved to somewhere else in the next couple of decades after its purchase? I don’t ever remember hearing about this. There certainly was a piano or two there by the time I came to Dayton School. (always out of tune)


    • I suspect it was a small portable organ and probably didn’t last all that long. I also remember the pianos when I went to school there. I remember Miss Chamberlain playing for us to sing.


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