A Double Birthday Remembrance

Today, April 26, is the birthday anniversary of two members of the Green family; Benjamin, born 1855, and his granddaughter Nancy, born 1816.

Benjamin is the progenitor of the Dayton branch of the Green family. He was born in New Jersey in 1755. During the Revolutionary War, he served in the Virginia militia from Loudoun County on three separate occasions. He entered the service about the last of June 1777 as a volunteer and marched to a place then called Bellhaven in the State of Virginia , now Alexandria in the District of Columbia and left the service about the last of August at the expiration of his two months service and returned home.

In September 1778 he was drafted into the service and served two months at Leesburg in Virginia guarding prisoners and again in the month of August 1781 he was drafted into the service and marched to the siege of Cornwallis, was at the taking of Cornwallis, and marched as a guard to prisoners to Nolens ferry on the Potomac river. There he was discharged in October 1781, having served two months in his last tour.

After the war he moved his family, first to western Maryland and then to Ohio. He was in Ohio by 1799, settling near Marietta for a year and then moving up to settle on the Licking river, near what is now Newark, Ohio. It was from this area that his son John in 1829 organized the expedition to Illinois that resulted in the settlement of Dayton. Benjamin’s wife, Catherine, died in 1821 and Benjamin moved to Moscow, Licking County, to live with his son Daniel. Benjamin remarried in 1823 to Mrs. Martha (Rees) Lewis. He died in 1833, at age 78. Both he and Catherine are buried in the Beard-Green Cemetery in the Dawes Arboretum near Newark, Ohio.

Nancy was born in 1816 in Ohio, the daughter of Benjamin’s son John and his wife, Barbara Grove. She was 13 when John brought his family to La Salle County, Illinois in 1829. She married Joseph Albert Dunavan on January 26, 1834, and they raised a family of twelve, only two of whom died as children. In 1889 they left Illinois to live in Missouri, near some of their children. Joseph died in 1892 and Nancy in 1905. They are both buried in the Highland Cemetery in Hamilton, Missouri.

A search for Nancy Green on this web site will turn up much more information.


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