144 Years Ago Today in The Free Trader


from The Ottawa Free Trader, April 12, 1879, P. 8, col. 1

Dayton, April 10. – The concert given by Prof. Newberry and class last Wednesday evening, was quite well attended notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather. Solos, duets, quartets and choruses were given in most acceptable manner. The “Hunter’s Chorus” and the “Bugle Horn” choruses by the class were quite good. In fact in all the choruses there was plain evidence of careful and efficient drill although only a few days were employed in preparation. Mrs. Newberry, who has been holding a convention at Serena, came down and took part in the concert. Her alto is very fine. The class may well be proud of their first concert.

The Musical Union will hold regular meetings every Wednesday evening. In our report last week of the officers of the Union, we omitted to give the name of Miss Jennie Dunavan, organist.

Mr. O. Black of Ottawa visited our Sunday School last Sabbath.

Last Saturday we were shown a large swan shot by Mr. Jos. Green near Sulphur Spring. It measured 6 ½ feet from tip to tip of the wings; 4 feet from head to tail; 2 ¼ feet length of neck. Joe will have the bird stuffed and mounted and placed on exhibition as the “luck” of his latest hunting expedition.

At the school election held at the school house last Saturday, T. A. Metcalf was chosen director for the short term, and Jesse Green for the long term.

Last Monday evening a school exhibition was held at the Buck Creek school house by Miss Eva Angevine. Miss A. had spent considerable time in making arrangements and deserved a complete success, which we have no doubt she had.

A few game fish are being caught, but not enough to call it “good” fishing yet.

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