Who is on the Honor Roll?

Honor roll of the pupils of districts 2 and 10, Dayton township, for the term commencing May 3d, 1880, and ending July 1st, 1880. The pupils were graded on a scale of 10 in their studies and deportment, a deduction being made for each case of tardiness and absence. There were 13 pupils enrolled. The following named pupils attained an average grade of 8: Mabel Trumbo, Bertha D. Angevine, Clara S. Angevine, Lester Brown and Mamie Debolt.
E. M. Angevine, Teacher1

Mabel Trumbo, born 1866, was the daughter of Moab Perry and Rebecca (Kagy) (Walters) Trumbo.

The Angevine sisters, Clara, born 1864, and Bertha, born 1867, were the daughters of Charles Edward and Cornelia (Davenport) Angevine. The teacher was their sister, Eva.

Lester Brown, born 1871, was the son of William M. and Kate (Hess) Brown.

Mamie DeBolt, born 1868, was the daughter of George W. and Mary (Sutton) DeBolt

  1. The Ottawa Free Trader, July 24, 1880, p. 1, col. 4

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