Deaths Recorded in the Isaac Green Bible

Frank B. Green died
in Central City Colorado
January 7th 1881 aged
13 years 4 months and 1 day

Elizabeth Green died
in Denver Colorado at
Sister Rachels, August
30th 1892 at 12:30 A. M.
aged 89 years, 1 month,
and 10 days

Isaac Green died
Aug. 4th 1850 in
Georgetown California
aged 46 y. 6 m. 25 days

George M. Dunnavan
died Oct. 2d 1894 in
Chicago Illinois, aged
79 yrs. 6 m. 23 days

Mother, Catherine Green
Dunnavan, died
in Chicago, Illinois
May 27 A D 1899
aged 77 years, 2 months
and 19 days
gr grand daughter of Ben. Green

Louisa Jane Green wife
of David S. Green, Died
May 28 A. D. 1906 aged
64 years 6 months and
9 days, in Denver
City, Colorado
b Nov. 19, 1841, LaSalle Co, Illinois
She was a gr. granddaughter of Benj. Green

David Samuel Green
died in Denver Colo
Aug 26 1912, aged
73 yrs 8 months 3 days

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