Dayton on the Fox

The following unidentified clipping comes from a family scrapbook.

Mrs. John W. Fogle
Grand Ridge, Ill., R. F. D. 1

They will build a dam at Dayton,
At Dayton on the Fox,
Where the water twists and tumbles
As it flows between the rocks.

They will undertake this enterprise
If they can overcome their fears,
And bring new life to this village
Which has been asleep for years.

‘Twas a town of thrift and action
As it nestled between the hills,
For the water furnished power
For the flour and woolen mills.

‘Twas a thriving little village
As I look back o’er the years,
And the breaking up of home ties
Caused many bitter tears.

There’s a quiet little graveyard
Along the river’s brink,
Where the leaves in golden autumn
Are all colors you can think.

Where the squirrels frisk and chatter
As they hunt their winter’s store,
From trees that shade the silent homes
Of our loved ones gone before.

Broad and fertile farm lands
Surround this little place,
Where years ago the timberlands
Furnished ground for hunters’ chase.

‘Twas the stopping place of Shabbona,
And many Indian braves
Who gave their time to hunt and fish,
And the fun their spirit craves.

And now it comes to life again,
In this age of power and gold,
When even running waters
Are being bought and sold.

They will build this dam at Dayton
For the wealth of coming trade,
And harness up the waters,
Changing scenes that nature made.

When we visit scenes of childhood
In the sunset of our years,
We will praise the work of science
With everlasting cheers.

How we wish the running waters
Could talk as they go by,
They would preach a lasting sermon
Of our blessings from on high.

As the waves go splashing by you,
Listen now – they seem to say,
“Dayton takes her place in history
In the grand old U. S. A.”

Why do I love this river
As it zigzags ‘round the rocks?
Why, I was born at Dayton,
At Dayton on the Fox.

Mrs. John W. Fogle was Mary Bunna Rhoads, daughter of Thomas and Katherine Rhoads. She was born February 17, 1864 in Dayton. She married John W. Fogel August 22, 1888 in La Salle county, Illinois, and lived in Grand Ridge. She died April 11, 1926, in Ottawa.





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