That’s Some Bull!

Glenwood Farm Gets Fine Bull

            Straight Island bred bulls, out of 800-lb. cows with over forty daughters rapidly going under test are not picked up evey day. Mrs. Katherine E. Letchworth of Buffalo has, however, secured just such a bull for her “Glenwood Farm” at Ensenore, N. Y. She has bought of Dr. H. J. Reynolds of Chicago the great bull, Viola’s Golden Prince 111180.

            This bull has until recently been in the herd of Mr. L. A. Green of Dayton, Ill. where his many daughters are already distinguishing themselves. Seven are making a fine showing on Register of Merit test, one not yet in milk sold to Ravine Farm, Highland Park, Ill. For $600, and $500 apiece could be had for nine others if they were for sale. This will greatly add to the present popularity of this fine bull and lend increased value to every daughter he will have from now on. He is a son of Bright Prince, out of the well known cow, Cowslip’s Fawn Beauty, 806 lbs. 8 oz butter in one year, and has a good show record to his credit.

from The Jersey Bulletin and Dairy World, v. 39, no. 37, 1920 p. 2446

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