100 Gather for Annual Picnic at Dayton School – 1944


the picnic table

Another school picnic – around 1950

100 Gather for Annual Picnic at Dayton School

One hundred attended the annual picnic of the Dayton school yesterday at the school grounds.

Dinner at noon was followed by races and other sports. Later ice cream and cake were served.

Winners in races were Carl Schmidt, preschool age; Shirley Patterson, 1st grade; Sylvia Ralrick, second grade; Rosemary Patterson, third; Bobbie Buckley, fourth; Ardelle Taylor, fifth and sixth; Elaine Thomas, seventh; Edward Patterson, eighth; Teddy Mathews, high school; Mrs. Homer Matthews and Mrs. Naomi Trent, married women’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Summons, Mrs. Morris Ponton, Mrs. Mayme Ryan and Miss Elizabeth Ryan of Chicago, and Mrs. Fred Ritzius of Ottawa were out of town guests.1

  1. The [Ottawa, IL] Republican-Times, May 29, 1944, p. 8, col. 6

3 thoughts on “100 Gather for Annual Picnic at Dayton School – 1944

  1. I had no idea that Naomi Trent went to Dayton School. I was probably in 7th grade when she called me “impudent”. I flounced to my seat and when I thought an appropriate amount of time had passed, I slithered to the giant Webster’s dictionary, looked it up and agreed that the word was properly used on this occasion.


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