Civil War Veterans Buried in the Dayton Cemetery

photo of John H. Breese tombstone

John Heath Breese
born 12 Oct 1830 in New Jersey
enrolled 22 Aug 1862 in Company C, 1st Regiment, Illinois Light Artillery Volunteers
died 30 Sep 1914 in Dayton, Illinois

photo of Jaka, John - tombstone

John Jaka
born Aug 1831 in Germany
enlisted 31 Jul 1861 in Company I, 9th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry
died 10 Nov 1904 in Quincy, Illinois

Miles and Lana Masters, tombstone

Miles Masters
born 4 Dec 1846 in Dover, Illinois
enlisted 31 Jan 1865 in Company A, 148th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry
died 2 Jan 1910 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin [note that the tombstone does not agree with the military records]

warner-joel-f - tombstone

Joel F. Warner
born 14 Jun 1831 in Syracuse, New York
enlisted Aug 1862 in Company F, 25th Regiment, Michigan Infantry
died 26 Sep 1911 in Dayton, Illinois

James Timmons
born 9 Apr 1832 in County Armagh, Ireland
enlisted 21 Feb 1865 in Company C, 53rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
died 15 Apr 1911 in Dayton, Illinois

John W and Josephine Channel, tombtone

John W. Channel
born 10 Mar 1849 in Licking County, Ohio
enlisted Apr 1865 in Company E, 3rd Regiment, Illinois Cavalry
died 22 Nov 1900 in Dayton, Illinois

Margaret Green, tombstone

Rev. Jesse C. Green
born 10 Oct 1833 in Licking County, Ohio
enlisted 10 Aug 1862 in Company F, 95th Regiment, Ohio Infantry 
died 9 Oct 1910 in Dayton, Illinois

James McBrearty tombstone

James McBrearty
born 31 Jan 1850 in Milford, Massachusetts
enlisted 1 Oct 1864 in Company K, 3rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry
died 16 Apr 1915 in Dayton, Illinois

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