More Excerpts from the Dayton News Reel

class drawing

More tidbits of information from the school newspaper of January 24, 1955:

The teachers wish to thank all those who helped with the decorating, stage or equipment used in presenting the annual Christmas program. Mr. Debernardi built the fireplace and donated it to the school. Mr. and Mrs. Ohme helped with the decorating and the Directors erected the stage.

Allan Holm is leading in the number of library books read and reported on.

Before Christmas the first grade learned to write words pertaining to Christmas and made drawings to illustrate the words they had written. These were later combined into booklets.

Congratulations! Mr. and Mrs. Trent on your thirty-fourth Wedding Anniversary, January 21st.

In the fifty-word test the following grades were made:
Sally Clifford  100
Terry Hiland 100
Robert Poole 92
Sandra Leonard 98
John Polen 90
Bob Mossbarger 98
Leslie Walleck 88
Charles Whyte 98
Deryl Wilson 96

On December 10, the Grammar room did square dancing. There were two sets of couples. A new dance was learned, a second worked on and an old favorite Pop Goes the Weasel enjoyed.

Patrols for December were Vernon Dale, Larry, Shirley and Sheila, and for January are Patty, Carol, Richard and Allan. The job of a patrol is a responsible one, helping in the prevention of accidents, training in good citizenship and sharing in the responsibility of a well-run school.

Gary Hackler suffered an injury at a recent P. T. C. meeting from falling on the stairs because of running on the stairs. He was taken to the doctor.

Every child in the [grammar] room had part in the annual painting of scenes upon the windows for the Christmas season. Sketching is done free-hand then color filled in. This has become traditional in the school. This year the primary and intermediate rooms also painted their windows in keeping with the holiday spirit.

The Dayton Grade School presented the annual program at the Club House on December 22. All the pupils took part. The sacred pageant was given by the grammar room assisted by the other rooms in chorus numbers. The pageant was “No Room in the Inn.” Santa Claus was there. Santa and the eighth grade pupils passed out candy and gifts.

On the 21st. of December parties were held in each room at the school. Films were shown, a student gift exchange was held and refreshments were served. The gift table was centered with a miniature Christmas tree and red candles. Each child received a gift. Cookies were brought for the grammar room refreshments by Eddie Peters, Sandra Leonard, Terrance Hiland and Shirley Harmon. The teachers presented Mrs. Mathews with a poinsetta plant at the party.

General News

Mrs. Dean Ramsey and daughter, Norma, are staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Arwood. Norma is in the first grade, she formerly attended school in Pontiac.

Visitors in Dayton on January 16 included the Eugene Davis family of Maywood.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McQuattee visited at the Harmon home recently.

The home recently vacated by the Eirhart family is now occupied by the Grieves family. Larry and Marjorie are enrolled in the school.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Davis and family visited the Ted Wilson’s early in December.

Mr. Peters and son, Eddie, went to Aurora early in December to get Christmas shopping done early.

The Pinske family have a new 21 inch Westinghouse television set.

December 18 –Red Letter Day! All pupils in the grammar room got 100 in spelling on the work of the 14th unit.

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