Excerpts from the Dayton News Reel school paper

drawing of skin

From the third edition of the Dayton News Reel, January 24, 1955

Editor: Richard Jackson
Ass’t Editor: Richard Charlier

Five new pupils have enrolled in the school during this six-week period. Two in the Primary room, two in the Intermediate room and one in the Grammar room. Our enrollment is now seventy-one.

Although the Christmas season has both come and gone, we trust that the spirit of “peace and good-will toward men” will continue throughout the new year. What excitement there was before Christmas! Painting windows, decorating, making posters, learning songs, parties, and practicing for our program. It meant lots of work, but we enjoyed it. We were especially happy over the fine appreciative audience which turned out for our program. And wasn’t it thoughtful of Mr. Clifford to take pictures? We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks to everyone who helped in making our program a success.

The Third and Fourth Grades made a picture book of Ways to Travel. Linda Harmon had the most pictures in the third grade and Rita Krug had the most in the fourth grade.

Gerald Pinske drew a picture of deep sea diving showing the reasons for the struggles in their work.

In sixth grade health each drew the lungs and the cross section of skin. They look nice in the room. [see above]

Jimmy Mathias brought a muskrat pelt for us to see. He has caught several fur bearing animals this winter and is selling the pelts to Sears Store.

Keith Kossow brought kumquats to school. This is a small fruit about the size of a pecan. The entire fruit is edible, coloring is like an orange and the rind is sweeter than the pulp. Florida is the only place in the United States where they are grown. Keith received them from relatives in Florida.

As a measure of safety, snowballing is not permitted on the school grounds, or in the roads immediately adjoining.

A huge creature was developed during the noon hour recently when the snow was ideal for packing. It constantly changed shape, we never knew what “IT” was but a good time was had by all.

The grammar room is again practicing regularly on symphonette band work. Three part harmony is being used using chimes and xylophone.

P. T. C. meeting
The P. T. Club met at the school house on January 4 for the regular meeting. Business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Eltrevoog, president. The new film strip machine was demonstrated by Allan Holm. Mr. Clifford showed the colored slides of the programs given by the school [some of which can be seen here] and Mrs. Hadley showed beautiful colored slides of a trip made to the western part of our country. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Holm, Mrs. McGrogan and Mrs. Hackler.

General News

Mr. King Gash has a 1950 Chevrolet.

The Reynolds family is occupying the flat recently occupied by the Charlier family. There are five in the family. The two boys are new pupils in the Dayton School.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Ocean visited at the Garrett Arwood home on Januray 16.

The past week was semester examination week at Ottawa High School. Several of the former Dayton pupils took this opportunity to visit the school. We were happy to see Robert Ohme, Richard Pinske, Robert Walleck and Candace Clifford.

Attendance at school has been very regular in spite of colds and other sickness in the community. There were 13 in Mrs. Swanson’s room, 10 in Mrs. Bless’s room and 14 in Mrs. Trent’s room who were neither absent nor tardy during the third six-week period which ended January 14.

Mr. Dominic DeBernardi was host at a party given for the community on December 23 at the Club House. A large group of children and adults was present. Films were shown and refreshments served. Mrs. Mathews and Mrs. Gash assisted with the party.

One thought on “Excerpts from the Dayton News Reel school paper

  1. I remember bringing the kumquats to school!! They were from my Grandparents, who lived in St. Petersburg, Florida!! They a two kumquat trees in their back yard!! We would always visit them in St. Petersburg at Christmas and bring oranges and kumquats and pecans home from Florida!! That was back in the day when the route from our home in Dayton to St. Petersburg was almost all two-lane!! Two and a half days driving time!! Two nights on the road!!


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