Last Will and Testament of John Green


On January 19, 1874, John Green, of Dayton, made out his will. He was 84 years old and was to die in less than four months, on May 17. He laid out his wishes in a series of nine provisions, as follows:

First, he instructed his executors to pay all of his debts

Second, his three sons were each required to pay their mother $25 per quarter, so that she would have an annuity of $300 per year for the rest of her life. Also Barbara was to have her bed and bedding and make her home with her youngest son, Isaac.

Third, his son Jesse was to inherit 95 acres of farm land and 8 lots in the village of Dayton.

Fourth, his son David was to inherit 19 acres of land and 8 acres of riverfront, along with the rights to a certain fraction of the water power of the Fox River and 8 village lots.

Fifth, his son Isaac was to inherit the land where the house stood, along with the farm land (which is now [2017] still in the family).

Sixth, his daughter Rebecca Trumbo was to inherit 5 lots in the village.

Seventh, he noted that his daughters Eliza Dunavan, Nancy Dunavan, Katharine Dunavan, and Rachael Gibson had all been provided for previously.

Eighth, if any personal property remained after settling the debts, it was to be divided equally among his three sons.

Ninth, he appointed sons Jesse and David as executors

The complete transcription of the will may be seen here.

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