The Dayton School in 1925


The Ottawa Daily Republican-Times published a special school section on March 20, 1925, which included this list of the pupils of the Dayton school.

           District 209 – Dayton school.

Jennie L. Fraine, Emma C. Fraine;
eighth grade: Helen Hallowell, Robert Meagher, Edith Reynolds, Donald Ainsley;
seventh grade: Evelyn Huston, James Gleeson, George Garcia;
sixth grade: Elizabeth Meagher, Howard Tanner, Olive Draper, Donald Blue, Olive Garcia, Emmett                        Gleeson, Paul Ainsley;
fifth grade: Joseph Jacobs, Burrel Draper;
fourth grade: Dorothy Davis, Frank Davis, Billie Gleeson,;
third grade: Esther Meagher, Roy Fraine, Glenn Thorson, Reynold Ainsley;
second grade: Margaret Thorson, Janie Huston, Irene Meigs, Dollie Davis, Vera Draper;
first grade: Zelda Garrow, Kenneth Fraine, Vernon Blue, Loretta Gleeson, Stanley Thorson, Russell                      Metge, Mary Ryan, Billie Prince, Joe Davis.

The teachers, Jennie and Emma Fraine, were sisters, and life-long residents of Dayton. Their parents, Charles and Clementine Fraine, came to the United States from France about 1875 and settled in Dayton. Miss Jennie retired around 1945 and died in 1949. Miss Emma retired in 1952, after 50 years of teaching, most of them in Dayton. She died in 1959.

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