Dayton Homemakers

Dayton Homemakers 1912

In 1911, a group of farm women in Dayton township got together and organized a club, shown above, with the object of social gatherings where they could get to know their neighbors and exchange ideas on home management. They began with twenty-three members who met monthly. They always had a speaker, discussion, and, of course, refreshments and visiting. They are still meeting in 2016, and are not so different from the meeting described below, which took place in 1922. Wouldn’t you have liked to hear the responses to their roll call? and not just for the recipes!


The members of the Dayton Homemakers’ club held a meeting yesterday at the home of Mrs. Louis Bellrose in Dayton township. Practically all members of the club and a large number of guests were in attendance.

An interesting program was given. Mrs. Hans Vogel sang two solos, Mrs. Charles Long of the Rutland club told of the work her organization is doing, and Miss Houston of St. Joseph, Mo., who is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Charles Bellrose, told of her recent travels through Mexico.

A clever feature of the program was a roll call, when every member responded, giving her most embarrassing moment and her favorite recipe. Late in the afternoon refreshments were served by the hostess.

The September meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. John Eustis. This session was postponed one week on account of the county fair and will be held on Sept. 21.1

More information on the Dayton Homemakers can be found here.

  1. Ottawa Free Trader-Journal, August 11, 1922

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