A Different Look at the Dayton Cemetery


How many people are buried in the cemetery?
There are 221 people known to be buried in the cemetery, as of July 1, 2012. Undoubtedly, there are some undocumented burials, as La Salle county did not register deaths until 1877 and even then not everyone complied. Even when deaths were mentioned in the newspaper, women and children were largely ignored. A child whose parents and siblings are buried in the cemetery, and whose family was known to be living in Dayton at the child’s death, is likely to be buried there. Where there is no confirmation of that, that child is not included with the 221 for whom some evidence exists.

Age at death Number of deaths
0-5 years         37
6-10                   5
11-20              13
21-30              15
31-40              16
41-50              10
51-60              16
61-70              33
71-80              40
81-90              21
91-100              8
Unknown         7

Causes of death
Of the 98 persons for whom cause of death is known, the seven most common causes were (in order of frequency): heart disease, cancer, meningitis/pneumonia, accident, apoplexy/cerebral hemorrhage, old age, and tuberculosis.
These seven accounted for 62 deaths.

Family clusters
The largest cluster is that of the Green/Grove/Dunavan families, which, with in-laws, includes 147 people. There are ten members of the Warner/Tanner/Luce family, nine members of the Timmons family, 11 members of the Breese/Hoxie family, seven Hoags, and seven in the Bennett/Wilson cluster.

2 thoughts on “A Different Look at the Dayton Cemetery

  1. Where in Dayton is the cemetery located? I lived in Dayton from 1947-1962, but don’t remember a cemetery in Dayton!! Keith Kossow


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