Christmas Shopping 1875


If you were Christmas shopping in Dayton in 1875, you were reading the ads in the Ottawa Free Trader carefully. You might have chosen your Christmas gifts from any of these:

Handsome trimmed cloaks at $5.00
Table lines, towels and napkins – fine turkey red damask – $1.00
Nice two-button kid gloves $.75
Handsome new chintz print dress goods – 6 to 8 cents per yard
Paisley shawls from $9 to $60
Large, all wool blankets $5.50

For the ladies: special attention is called to the new Florentine hat, which is a marvel of beauty and commands the admiration of all. Also, the “Vampire Queen”, trimmed beautifully by our new trimmer.

For the gentlemen: cigars, tobacco, and tobacconists’ fancy articles generally, such as fine genuine meerschaum pipes, cigar holders, cigar cases and brier pipes.

And of course, toys for the children!

For Christmas Trees

Mr. Louis Hess, on Madison street, has bought the largest stock he ever had of fancy candies, for special use as ornaments for Christmas trees, such as fruits, toys, &c., &c.; also fancy cakes of all kinds, of which he always has a fine assortment, and will manufacture to order. And, by the way, as we need crackers with our oysters, it should be remembered that he manufactures all his crackers himself and his customers will hence be able to get them fresh every day.

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