The Dayton Enterprise

Dayton Enterprise

For a brief period of time, Dayton had its own newspaper, the Dayton Enterprise. It was the product of Charles Green, son of David Green. With his own small printing press, Charlie was reporter, editor, printer, and publisher. He was also a musician, giving lessons and conducting a singing school at the schoolhouse

The October 18, 1878, edition contains local and area news, humor, advertising, and an editorial about the poor condition of the sidewalks. A year’s subscription could be had for 40 cents, and it is a great loss that only this one issue has survived.

A few excerpts:

Wit and Humor
A poor relation – a carb-uncle.
Why is an insensible man like a wicked man? Because they both need to be revived.
What is the difference between a gas tube and a silly Dutchman? One is a hollow cylinder, and the other is a silly Hollander.
The first thing in a boot is the last.
Is it right for young ladies to smoke? – Yes, there can be no harm in taking a lady-like cigar – a she-root, for instance.
Query for naturalists: If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, is a mole on the face worth two in the ground?

Population of Dayton, latest census, 204.
Number of young men, actual count, 12.
”      ”         ”     ”      ladies,   ”       ”           6.
Boys, a half a dozen of us will have to go,
so as to give the other six a chance.
No. of dwelling houses in the town, 41.
”    ”   manufacturing establishments, 4.
”    ”   Hotels,                                      2.
1 Store.
1 Meat-market.
and 1 Printing Office,
Don’t forget that!

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