Tile Works

Tile Works edited
Dayton, Ill., April 24. – D. Green is repairing the old shop south of the flouring mill for the purpose of using it for the manufacture of drain tile.1

The tile factory is being put into shape for doing a good business this season. They manufacture the best and hardest tile in this part of the country last season, and had an ever increasing demand for them. Their yard is empty, having sold all of their last year’s stock, and as soon as spring opens they will commence manufacturing. Having employed the same burner they had last year, they expect to make the best and hardest tile in the country. Farmers will do well to hold their orders until they have seen the Dayton tile.2

The Tile Works commenced operations this week and are turning out a fine lot of tile. The popularity of this firm, and their wide-spread reputation for manufacturing fine drain tile, is shown by their receiving a letter of inquiry from a gentleman in Oil City, Penn. Among other orders received this week was one for 4,000 8-inch tile.3

The tile works are running right along and are shipping a considerable quantity of drain tile of the very best quality. They are also shipping a lot of fire clay, having received an order for one hundred tons to be shipped immediately to Chicago. Users of clay are beginning to learn that we have the very best quality of fire clay in the county, and no doubt in the near future Dayton will contain a number of good substantial fire clay manufactories.4

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