Maude Hite Temple

Elizabeth Hite
(Grandmother of Mrs. Maude Temple)

Born Elizabeth Stickley, in the Shenandoah Valley of Va. Apr. 5, 1798. When she was a young girl her family moved to Licking Co. Ohio where in 1821 she was married to a childhood friend from Va. who had also moved to Ohio, David Hite.

Mr. and Mrs. Hite were the parents of 9 children, Alexander who died at the age of 18 yrs, Isaac died at the age of 2 yrs and Kitty Ann was 14. The other 6 children came to Illinois in the Fall of 1848 with their parents and settled in the little town of Dayton.

In 1850 David Hite and wife bought 160 acres of land on Buck Creek in Dayton township and the family moved again.

Grandma and Grandpa Hite lived here until their deaths.

Elizabeth Hite died Jan. 4, 1890, after a busy and very active life. Even in the Fall before her death she was able to go out and help with the milking.

The old Hite house has remained in the Hite Family for 113 yrs. Now Mrs. Virginia Hite and her 2 sons, David and Calvin, reside there. They are great, great grandsons of David and Elizabeth Hite.

David Hite, 1798-1881
(Grandfather of Mrs. Maude Temple)

Born in Strasburg Va. Since his parents died when he was a young boy, I know nothing concerning his family. However, I do know that he was put in a home to be raised by unrelated people. He learned the blacksmith trade and at the age of 21 was given $15.00 and a suit of clothes for his work. He wanted to go to Newark Ohio and started walking from Strasburg Va to Ohio, arrived in Newark on Christmas Eve of 1819. Two years later he was married to Elizabeth Stickley who was also born in the Shenandoah Valley of Va and whose family had migrated to Ohio a few years previous. To this union 9 children were born, 3 of whom died before the family left Ohio and were buried in or near Newark.

The other 6 children were Benjamin, David, James, Albert & Alcinda, twins, and Fidelia. Since a number of families from Licking County Ohio came to Illinois and settled in Dayton and in Rutland township, the Hites followed their neighbors and in the Fall of 1848 the Hites left their home in Ohio to come by wagon train, driving their livestock, to settle in Dayton Ill. After 2 years David Hite bought 160 acres of land in Dayton township where he moved with his family. He made this his home until his death in April 1881. Two of his great, great grandsons still live in the old Hite home.

James Hite 1833-1893
(Aunt and Uncle of Mrs. Maude Temple)

Son of David and Elizabeth Hite, born in Ohio and came to Dayton with his parents in 1848. He married Martha Jones in 1864. They were the parents of 10 children. Their home was 1 1/2 miles west of Wedron.

James Hite died of cancer in Aug. 1893. Martha , his wife, remained a widow until her death in Jan. 1908 of pneumonia.

Benjamin Hite 1827-1865
(Aunt and Uncle of Mrs. Maude Temple)

Benjamin Hite was born in Ohio and was the oldest child of David and Elizabeth Hite to come to Ill. with his parents.

He married Emma Dunavan, daughter of Wm. Dunnavan, who was an early settler in the vicinity of Dayton in La Salle Co. To this union 2 children were born, Dora and William Hite.

Uncle Ben died at the age of 38, his wife remained a widow until her death in Nov. 1905. Both were buried in Dayton Cemetery.

Alcinda Hite 1840-1924
(Aunt of Mrs. Maude Temple)

Daughter of David and Elizabeth Hite, born in Newark Ohio. Alcinda was a twin of Albert Hite. Came to Dayton with her folks at the age of 8 yrs, one of 9 children. Moved with her parents to a farm north of Ottawa in 1850 and remained there until 1890 when she moved to Ottawa. Last few months of her life were spent in Nebr. She never married.

William Temple, wife Maude Hite
b July 16, 1894
d July 28, 1964   buried Serena Cemetery