B. Frank Trumbo – Biography

◊   Trumbo is a familiar name in LaSalle county. The family which bears it was founded here along with the Greens and other pioneers of Dayton and Rutland townships and have left to later generations the impress of their civilizing influence. While Frank Trumbo, the subject of this sketch, is not a descendant of the first Trumbos of the county, he is a blood relative and possesses the same family characteristics which endear Elias Trumbo and his descendants to the population of the above-mentioned townships.
◊   B. Frank Trumbo is a son of Moab Perry Trumbo, one of the successful farmers of Dayton township, LaSalle county, where he settled in 1853, having come here that year from the “Old Dominion.” Moab Perry Trumbo was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, December 16, 1829. The farm upon which he was born has been the property of the Trumbos for one hundred and thirty years, having been the property of his grandfather and father, both named Jacob. The younger Jacob Trumbo also came to LaSalle county, Illinois in the year 1853 and shortly after his arrival here he died. His wife Elizabeth, nee Snyder, will be remembered by the people of Dayton township as living as late as 1873. Their children are: Dorothy, widow of Levi Hess, of Kingman, Kansas; Oliver, assessor of Dayton township, LaSalle county; Moab P. and Mary J., wife of Isaac Green, of Dayton township. Moab P. Trumbo and his wife, whose maiden name was Rebecca Kagy, have two children – Frank and Maie. The latter is the wife of Ed. Bradfor [sic], the proprietor of the Ottawa Steam Laundry.
◊   It was on the old Trumbo homestead in Dayton township, November 25, 1862, that Frank Trumbo was born. He was educated in the public schools and in Drew’s Business College, and on completing his studies settled down to the life of a farmer. He has ever since been engaged in general farming and stock-raising, and is regarded as one of the most promising young farmers in the township.
◊   Mr. Trumbo was married December 3, 1886, to Miss Josephine Rhodes, the daughter of Joseph Rhodes, well known in Ottawa as “the liveryyman.” Their union has been blessed in the birth of two children: Helena, born in 1887, and Josephine, born in 1892.
◊   Mr. Trumbo is a Democrat and is at this writing the supervisor of his township, to which office he was elected in the spring of 1898. Also he is serving on the public-buildings committee and on the committee to settle with the recorder and to audit the accounts of the state attorney. And in this connection it should be further stated that he had been drawn into the public service by being named and elected for office without personal solicitation on his part.1

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