A School Christmas Program

School Christmas program

This picture of a Dayton school Christmas program dates from about 1955. It was held in the Dayton clubhouse and as you can tell by the picture, told the traditional Christmas story, complete with shepherds and angels. The six angels are (l to r) unknown, Sandra Leonard, Jimmie Mathias, Sally Clifford, Ronnie Thompson, and Betty Jo Hughes If you can identify any of the others, please leave your information in a comment.

Mrs. Trent and Santa

Following the pageant, Mrs. Trent (teacher of grades 5 through 8) welcomed a rather pop-eyed Santa who distributed gifts from the tree. Again, if you can identify anyone in the pictures below, please leave a comment. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

.18       Dayton school Christmas party


One thought on “A School Christmas Program

  1. I see Bob Wilson in the bottom picture. I believe my grandmother, Nellie Wilson, played Santa but am not sure if that is her. I will show these pictures to Deryl Wilson and let you know how many of the people he can identify. Love seeing these photos. Oh, I remember those green curtain being used for many years at Dayton Grade School, then used at Wallace for quite a few years so seeing those made me smile! Thanks for posting the pics


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