Thanksgiving Day 1900 in Dayton

Thanksgiving dinner

A report of one Thanksgiving feast:

A Thanksgiving dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Trumbo was largely attended. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. Van Etten and three children, Batavia, Mr. Eugene Appleton, Miss Ella Green, Aurora, Wm. Miller, wife and three children, Rutland, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Green, Miss Carrie Green and Lyle A. Green, Dayton.1

The hosts were Oliver W. Trumbo and his wife, Rebecca Green. Their daughter Jessie was the wife of Wilmot Van Etten and the mother of Clare Trumbo Van Etten, Walcott Gumaer Van Etten, and Frank Campbell Van Etten.

Ella Green, whose name appears coupled with Eugene Appleton was the daughter of David and Mary (Stadden) Green. Eugene appears to have been an unsuccessful wooer, as Ella later married Dr. George H. Riley.

William Miller’s wife was Alta Barbara Gibson, daughter of George W. and Rachael (Green) Gibson. Their children were Gertrude Rae Miller, Howard Miller, and Glenn Gibson Miller.

Isaac Green and wife Mary Jane Trumbo attended with their son Lyle. They had no daughter named Carrie, but they did have one daughter at home in 1900. Possibly daughter Maud was misidentified as Carrie.

  1. Ottawa Republican-Times, December 6, 1900, p. 4, col. 4

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